NW Earl Grey

NW Earl Grey

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Gift Tin 1.34 oz - Organic - Tea #14

Organic | Caffeinated

NW Earl Grey No. 14 is a tea that seems new at first, but upon tasting, it’s clear you’ve found a familiar friend. It takes the classic flavors of Earl Grey tea (rich black tea mixed with bergamot orange oil) and slightly elevates them. The same notes are there — pleasant, light citrus; earthy maltiness, and an almost red wine-like richness and depth.

But an additional tasting reveals the truth - NW Earl Grey No. 14 is inspired by the vast mountain ranges of the Pacific Northwest. The smokiness of our black tea blend complements the surprising sweetness of this special bergamot oil, offering imagery of misty mountaintops and secluded campfires with each sip.

This tea is enjoyed equally as well in the dead of winter and iced down for summer - it’s truly a year-round brew.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Bergamot

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Tasting Notes

A slight smokiness brings added character to the classic malted, citrusy notes of NW Earl Grey.




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