Night Bloom Jasmine

Night Bloom Jasmine

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Organic | Caffeinated | 3.2 oz Tin

Night Bloom Jasmine No. 26 (formerly called Silver Tip Jasmine) is just as much about its scent as its flavor. The taste is gentle and light, and its fragrance evokes scenes of early spring Oregon wildflower patches and quiet days spent listening to the rain’s gentle cascade on the windowsill.

Notes of jasmine and wildflowers intermingle with the lightly sugary, molasses-like scent of Silver Tip flower buds. This uniquely floral, semi-sweet tea uses the naturally sweeter, more flavorful tender buds (or “tips”) and is delicious any way you brew it.

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Tasting Notes

Silver Tip Jasmine is equal parts tea and perfume; the vanilla-like notes of jasmine intermingle with floral tea to create something genuinely magical.




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