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Gift Tin .99 oz - Tea #30


Dragonwell tea (AKA Longjing) is a loose-leaf Chinese green tea with a subtle vegetal taste that’s best enjoyed over time.

What begins as a slightly grassy, classic green tea flavor evolves over time, delivering earthy undertones that give way quickly to a floral, smooth fragrance and a slightly nutty aroma that’s echoed in the final sips.

This tea was traditionally the drink of royalty, and one taste shows why - though luckily, you don’t need to be royalty to enjoy a mug today. While we prefer to enjoy a cup of Dragonwell on cold, cloudy days with a book (in a nook, of course), it’s equally delicious when iced down to cool those boiling mid-summer afternoons.

Learn how to brew green tea here.

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Tasting Notes

The traditionally grassy, vegetal flavors of classic green teas are laid on display with Dragonwell, making for a relaxing cap to any evening.

Fresh grass

Green beans


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