Genmai Cha

Genmai Cha

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2 oz - Tea #71

Genmai Cha No. 71 is a very, very old (some may say ancient) Japanese tea blend. It combines Japanese green tea, sencha, and toasted brown rice puffs to create a semi-savory, nutty green tea with a complex (though delicious nonetheless) tasting experience. The unique notes of this tea have earned it a traditional home in sushi restaurants alongside afternoon meals. 

Genmai Cha No. 71 tastes of toasted acorns and hazelnuts, crisped rice, and a smoky, slightly vegetal flavor with hints of winter squash and grassy green tea. 

While Genmai Cha No. 71 pairs well with honey, its plain flavor is something that you may not expect — so give it a try plain first. (After all, you can always add honey; it’s a lot harder to remove honey from tea.) 

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Portal tea genmai cha number 71.

Tasting Notes

Genmai Cha offers the herbaceous flavor of Sencha tea, bolstered by toasted brown rice puffs and a nutty finish reminiscent of browned butter.




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